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SensorWATCH™ Basic is your affordable automated humidity monitoring system to help you meet the MSD - ESD electronics manufacturing standards.


SensorWATCH™ Basic RH


SensorWATCH™ Wireless Instruments

Wireless Instruments measure Relative Humidity & Temperature with Low & Medium range models.

Key Benefits:

  • Purpose built and specially calibrated temperature and humidity sensors with WiFi and integrated display
    • Dry Environment RH (Wi1-L), 0% to 20%
    • Normal Environment RH (Wi1-M), 10% to 90%
  • Sensor memory stores all data even if WiFi is temporarily disconnected

More Details
SensorWATCH Basic RH, Wireless Instrument
  • 1) Humidity Display: The current humidity value.
  • 2) Temperature Display: The current temperature value.
  • 3) WiFi Signal Icon: Solid if signal strength >0 otherwise flashing when connection is not established and OFF if it is not associated with a Base Display Station.
  • 4) Stand Mounting Clip: Secures the WiFi Instruments to the Instrument Stand.
  • 5) Instrument Stand: Designed to be placed on a flat surface, hung or wall mounted.
  • 6) Max/Min Icon: Displayed when viewing the Minimum & Maximum recorded values since last reset screen.
  • 7) Battery Icon: Appears to indicate the battery is charging or if it is < 20%.
  • 8) Temperature Scale: Indicates what temperature scale the WiFi Instrument is configured.
  • 9) WiFi Instrument Description: Pre-configured information provided to ECD. It is displayed on the SensorWATCH™ Cloud WiFi Instrument Descriptions & Channels list.
  • 10) Screen Cycle Button: Cycles through the four different LCD screens (Normal, Max, Min & RSSI).
  • 11) USB Port: Connected to the WiFi Instruments for battery charging and configuration.

SensorWATCH™ Wireless Setup Software

The SensorWATCH™ Wireless Setup software manages all the WiFi Instruments via your WiFi Network, gathering the data as each WiFi Instrument sends it to your PC where it its stored and graphed.

Key Benefits:

  • Installs on your networked computer
  • Utilizes your wireless router
  • Easily configures WiFi Instruments
  • Provides WiFi Instruments storage for printing, viewing, and export data

More Details
SensorWATCH Basic RH Software

Set-Up Instrument

Introduces WiFi Instruments to the SensorWATCH™ RH System.

View Instruments

A list or table view of the WiFi Instruments introduced to the SensorWATCH™ RH System.

View Previously Saved Data

This allows the user to view any files that have been saved using the manual method. Here are some of the other features that you can do with your data.

  • 1) Zoom In/Zoom Out: Using zoom within a graph, the user can zoom in on an event and save this as a separate file.
  • 2) Print: Print your data graph.
  • 3) Save: Ability to save your data for backup which will reside on your computer.
  • 4) Export: Easily export your data into an Excel format.


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